Medical Marijuana Patient Education by Diane Gracely

Medical Marijuana Patient Education by Diane Gracely of Silver Springs, Florida. Diane is a Florida medical marijuana patient. She offers free medical marijuana patient education, sells Grow Boxes and Tents, LED lights, and other supplies. She sells the Magical butter Machine at a discount price and molds to make your own edibles.

Diane Gracely is the founder of Puff For Life. Diane created her business “Puff For Life” after going through the process of getting her Florida medical marijuana card. Diane has helped thousands of people get their Florida medical marijuana card and SAVE MONEY through a group of affordable doctors.

She SOLD Puff For Life recently and created this website and blog to educate others about growing cannabis and making your own edibles. Diane shares her personal story below to inspire others. Medical Marijuana use has given her a better quality of life. After 20 years of using opiates for her chronic pain, thanks to cannabis Diane is removing opiates from her life.

Read Diane’s personal story to learn more about her…

Diane Gracely was born with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. She has type CMT3. CMT is a neuromuscular disease that deforms the patient’s feet. And in some cases the hands also become deformed. CMT causes peripheral neuropathy, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. CMT causes severe muscle loss due to brain communication with the nerves, chronic muscle spasms, and other health problems.

Charcot Marie Tooth deformed Diane’s feet so bad by the time she turned 32 she was in a wheelchair. The pain to walk was overwhelming. Diane found an orthopedic surgeon in Hershey, PA that was very familiar with CMT. The surgeon told Diane he could reconstruct her feet and get her walking again. Diane opted for the surgeries. It was laid up for 3 years (1997 – 2000) while having 2 surgeries on each foot and recovery time.

CMT surgery

More About Diane

In 2003, Diane had gastric bypass surgery. Due to being laid up for 3 years and having her feet reconstructed she put on a lot of weight. Her highest weight was 339 lbs. Diane now weighs 150 lbs.

Diane has another RARE disease. Fibrous Dysplasia of the temporal bone that has affected the whole left side of her skull. This is causing a lot of fluid to drain from her left ear when she lays down at night. It’s causing compression of her optic nerve in her left eye and narrowing of her optic canal. It’s caused bulging of her left eye, headaches, vision loss, and severe facial edema. She wakes up every morning with severe edema of her left eye, nose, and sometimes her right eye. See photo below. Diane has been coping with the facial edema for 13 years. It wasn’t till 2 years ago that Diane was finally diagnosed with the Fibrous Dysplasia. For 11 years doctors had no clue what was wrong with her.

Diane Gracely
Facial Swelling

Hit By Drunk Driver

On April 13, 2015, Diane was hit head on by a drunk driver. The accident caused a severe head injury and many herniated discs in her neck and back. This is when the doctors finally diagnosed Diane with the Fibrous Dysplasia while she was in the hospital after the accident. Due to the rareness of Diane’s Fibrous Dysplasia of the temporal bone she has been trying to find a surgeon who can help her.

Two years later Diane has finally had a surgery on November 22, 2017 for the Fibrous Dysplasia of her skull. The surgeon did a Mastoidectomy on her left ear to try and stop the ear drainage.  AFTER the surgery Diane was told there is NOTHING more they can do for her. She will need to live with the compression of her optic nerve and optic canal and all of the edema for the rest of her life. The Fibrous Dysplasia is in all of her bones of her left side of her skull. There is no surgery to fix it.

Hit by Drunk Driver
Hit by Drunk Driver

5 months prior to the accident Diane had a 2 level neck fusion for a herniated disc. Because of the accident Diane had more herniated discs and needed another fusion, this time 4 levels. Diane had the neck fusion surgery November 9th, 2016.

Neck Fusion
Neck Fusion

Due to more herniated discs in her back from the accident she needs a back surgery in the near future.

There is a lot more to Diane’s personal health story, but let’s move on…

Medical Marijuana Advocate

Advocating for medical marijuana in Florida since 2012, knowing that medical marijuana could benefit Diane and many others. Cannabis is a natural and healthier choice than opiates and pharmaceuticals. Diane has been on opiates for 20 years due to chronic pain from all of her health problems. Doctors call her a UNIQUE patient because of her rare diseases and so many health problems.

Florida finally passed an amendment for a medical marijuana program in November 2016.

She started the process to get her Florida medical marijuana card in December 2016. It took months because of the program being NEW. In January 2017 Diane started her business PUFF FOR LIFE to help, support, and educate others about medical marijuana. Diane has helped thousands of Floridians to get their medical marijuana card through an affordable group of doctors. There are so many other doctors in Florida charging insane fees to become a legal patient and get their medical marijuana card. Diane wanted to help people SAVE MONEY, walk them through the process, and educate them about cannabis.

Sooner or later we hope to be able to grow our own cannabis and make our own edibles and medicines here in Florida. Diane is advocating for home grow for patients.

Diane’s Blog – Medical Marijuana Patient Education

She created a BLOG here on her website. Diane will be blogging about her journey of getting off of opiates to help others do the same. She will be blogging about these other topics below…

Diane Gracely is advocating for better cannabis laws in Florida. She’s offering supplies to make your own edibles and free edibles recipes.  Diane’s also selling cannabis growing equipment and supplies to save you money.

Because of medical cannabis Diane’s quality of life is improving. She’s riding her motorcycle again. Diane’s getting OFF of opiates to use only medical cannabis because opiates have been destroying her body and her quality of life.

medical marijuana patient education
Diane and Her Motorcycle

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