Home Business Coach Diane Gracely

Diane Gracely shares her 24 years of experience as a Home Business Owner.

Diane is a 56 year old disabled woman living in Florida. She was born with Charcot Marie Tooth disease. When Diane became permanently disabled by CMT in 1997, her whole life changed.

Diane had to resign from her office job working as an accounts payable representative for a local company. Therefore, she needed a way to supplement her Social Security Disability income. Due to becoming disabled at the early age of 33, her monthly social security disability benefits were low.

Because Diane always had a never give up attitude, she was determined to start a home business. Around this time, the internet was still fairly new. But Diane was sure she could start a home business with a website online and grow her business.

Diane’s Success

Diane went on to become a successful online home business entrepreneur. For those who want to hear more about Diane’s work from home story, follow her blog. And keep reading this page.

Diane Gracely
Diane Gracely and Her Husband Keith Gracely

Since 1997, Diane has started, grown, and sold several home businesses. Her most successful business was “Kewl Tubes”. A business Diane started from scratch designing and selling custom hand knit golf club covers. Diane grew the business to a yearly income over $50,000.

After 5 years of success with Kewl Tubes, Diane decided to sell the business. Kewl Tubes sold rather quickly for a whopping $50,000 profit. She was so excited. Diane then invested a little of the profit to start another home business. And the remainder was used as a down payment on the home that Diane and her husband currently live in.

Today is December 25, 2020. Christmas day, the day Diane started this new blog. Diane’s passion in life is helping others. Today is the day she decided to become a “home business coach” and share her experience, advice, and tips and tricks. Diane wants to help others start their own home business by coaching them.

Diane’s Home Business Coaching Info

Diane offers one-on-one coaching by phone or video chat. Her rate is $30 per hour, paid up front. Contact Diane by calling her at (352) 239-3669 to set up an appointment. Or message her through Facebook, click here.

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