Resources and Links

Charcot Marie Tooth Association

Learn more about Charcot Marie Tooth disease from the association. A good source of information about CMT and helpful links.

Like Diane's Charcot Marie Tooth Page on Facebook

Diane created a Charcot Marie Tooth disease page on Facebook a few years ago. She shares information and helps others by answering questions and offering advice to those suffering with CMT.

Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation

 The Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation serves people with fibrous dysplasia and McCune-Albright Syndrome (FD/MAS), and related rare bone diseases like Cherubism.

Support Diane's Online Business

Diane has an online business called Neon Knits. She designs and sells funny and inspiring clothing, hats, mugs, and canvas wall decor. Diane raises awareness and funds for Charcot Marie Tooth disease by designing and selling CMT T-shirts, Youth Tees, Unisex Hoodies, Tanks, and Sweatshirts and Mugs. Diane DONATES 50% of all of her CMT product sales commissions to the Charcot Marie Tooth Association ( to help find a cure.

Get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Diane has a Facebook group with a document that walks you through the steps to get your Florida Medical Marijuana Card. JOIN the group to get help, education, step by step information, ask questions, and save money on the doctor fee.

What U.S. States Accept Out-of-State Medical Cannabis Cards

Are you going out of state? Do you want to know if the state accepts your out of state medical cannabis card?